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DENTONIC enjoys support of a fully developed Laboratory, which has the equipment, expertise and capability in developing Dentifrices for all ages and segments of market. Strict quality control methods and procedures are applied in manufacturing and processing. Research & Development of new types of Gels and Toothpastes are also under process.

DENTONIC effectively control plaque and tartar formation, prevent caries, fight against Gingivitis.

Based on Calcium Carbonate, which mildly polishes, strengthens and cleans teeth, DENTONIC provides maximum Fluoride protection. Fluorides have shown to lessen lesions considerably in both children and adults. Fluoride makes your teeth more resistant to decay and have shown to remineralize carious lesions.

DENTONIC Toothpaste contains carefully selected raw materials; no compromises have been made on their quality over prices, we have selected the best available material available for the manufacturing of an International Standard Dentifrice.



Establishing a strong brand is essential for building and maintaining a robust consumer base, need to know why they should buy a product or service, what benefits they will derive from using it, and how it will enhance their businesses. The connection they make with the brand, whether perception or experience-based, strongly influence purchasing behavior and impact the bottom line. Dentonic is such a product.

It became one of the leading Oral Care products Industry in Pakistan. Today nearly 61 years after the formation of ALA CHEMICALS products are sold under the brand name of “DENTONIC”


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Our Mission

To develop and sell high quality oral dental care that will capture the domination share of mind in all markets in which they are introduced.

We will achieve our objective by providing high quality Oral care products which caters all consumer requirements including cleanliness, freshness and preventing them from all their dental problems.

Customer satisfaction is and will be our top priority. To achieve customer satisfaction, we anticipate with the rapidly changing market trends, monitoring the customer needs through regular retail audit, maintaining quality of the products and empowering our employees.

We believe on the labor laws, protect the rights of our employees by giving them excellent working environment and maintain the same standards of our product line. We respect our valued stakeholders and believe that doing business in this manner, along with being socially and environmentally responsible, will result in recognition as an industry leader.

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